Earn More!

Earn More – refer a friend!

Earn cold cash with hot referrals, with Frog in my Pocket bucks you earn just by talking.

Frog in My Pocket Consignor Referral Program:

Refer up to 5 friends, and we will give you $5 Frog in My Pocket Bucks for each referral.

Refer MORE than 5 friends, and you’ll earn $10 Frog in My Pocket Bucks for each additional referral over 5!

Mention Frog in My Pocket to everyone at your day care center, church, school, gym, neighborhood, and everywhere you go in the Raleigh/Triangle area, and share the excitement with others who want to sell the stuff their kids don’t need anymore.  Your Frog in my Pocket bucks will add up quickly!

Printable Flyer to Share

Simply ask your referrals to enter your name in the “referred by” field of the on-line consignor registration form.  In order to qualify as a referral, each consignor must check in by the final drop off time, and must bring at least 25 items, or $75 worth of merchandise.  Your Frog in my Pocket bucks will be waiting for you at the front desk when you come to shop.

In addition:

Every (10) referrals count as (1) volunteer shift, which means you’ll also qualify to shop at the special volunteer shopping events.

And the two people who talk the most will be rewarded with a special prize:

The two participants with the MOST referrals will also each receive a $50 gas card!

*minimum of 5 referrals required to qualify for Gas Card.