How to Price

Pricing Your Kids Consignment Sale Items:

Each consignor determines pricing for their own items.  Think about the age and condition of each item when pricing, and consider what YOU would pay if you were planning to purchase it.   Price too high, and your items will not readily sell, and may not sell at all.

Experienced consignors price name brands in excellent condition at about 1/5 of the original retail price.  Perfect Osh Kosh, GAP, and Gymboree have more demand, and may sell for closer to 1/4 of the original cost.

When in doubt, it may be better to go low than high.  Worst case, your items will sell faster than other similar items – and you’ll almost always be able to replace an item in the size you now need for the same low price, especially if you shop our Volunteer or Consignor sales when selection is highest and bargains are everywhere.

Keep in mind you’ll have plenty of “competition” in most sizes.   Especially in infants – there will always be a wide selection of “like-new” infant clothing, particularly in sizes 0-9 months.   The little ones don’t give their clothing much wear, so consider pricing these items on the low side.   Boys clothing in the larger sizes is always most in demand, so like-new items may fetch a higher price.

Kids Consignment Pricing Tips:

  • You’re here to sell!  You’ve organized, tagged and labeled, you don’t really want those items back in your closets after the sale.
  • Most shirts sell in the $1-4 range, with $4 being a very nice condition long-sleeve dress shirt.
  • Most pants sell in the $2-8 range, with $8 being a size 8+ pair of jeans.
  • Nearly all single items of clothing sell in the $2-7 range, depending on condition, brand, and size.
  • Look at each item as if you were shopping the racks, and ask yourself, “Would I buy this item, in this condition, for this price?”
  • Try not to attach emotion to your price – it will usually lead to over pricing.

All About Discounting:

Nearly all items will be 50% off on the final day of the sale.

  • If you do NOT wish your items to be discounted, use the “No Discount” option when printing tags.  Your items will remain full price for the entire sale.
  • If you would like to try to sell ALL your items, use the standard printing option for your tags.   Any remaining items will be reduced to 50% off on the last day of the sale, after being offered at full price to hordes of shoppers for four full days.
  • You are welcome to use a mixture of “regular” and “No Discount” pricing.
  • Experienced consignors generally mark “no discount” on no more than a handful of their items.  They know that if the item hasn’t sold during the first four days at the original price, it’s unlikely to sell at that price!


Toys and equipment should follow the same basic guidelines as above.   Click here for guidelines on items accepted and condition.  Need help pricing toys & equipment and cannot remember the original price? These websites may come in handy:


Baby equipment that is clean and in great condition will usually sell for 20-40% of original retail.   Click here for guidelines on items accepted and condition.  Need help pricing baby equipment and cannot remember the original price?  Try looking up the item on!

Need More Help?

Check our suggested sale prices or ask if you’re not sure what a typical sale price is. You can also consider taking advantage of our Busy Mom Service.

The pricing guidelines we give you are consistent with what things typically sell for, which means you’ll have a better chance of selling more stuff.  Buyers know the original retail of items, and they know what other consignors are charging!  You’ve got quite a bit of flexibility in how you decide to price, but if you’re way off, we may ask you to reconsider your pricing.  Note – Frog in My Pocket reserves the right to remove exceptionally overpriced items from the sale.

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