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Tagging Gun Tips and Tricks for Consignment Moms

Tagging guns are a hot topic for consigning moms trying to get all those outgrown items ready to sell at Raleigh consignment sales this spring.  Are they worth it?  How do you use a tagging gun?

To help get started, here are some tips & tricks when working with tagging guns:

Can you use a tagging gun?

  • Make sure the Raleigh consignment sale accepts items tagged with a tagging gun!  Frog in My Pocket accepts items that have been (carefully) tagged with a tagging gun – but not all Raleigh consignment sales do.

Tagging Tips

Tagging guns can help you tag faster, but a lot of care and thought is needed to ensure items aren’t damaged.

  • Always tag your items through the size tag, an armpit seam, or somewhere equally invisible.  Even “fine needle” tagging guns will leave a hole.  Damaged items don’t sell and just frustrate buyers, so use extra care!
  • Make sure to buy a fine-needle model to minimize damage
  • If you’re selling a new item with price tag still attached, you may want to staple your tag to the existing tag – all the pricing will be together.

Keep those tags on tight

  • “Front and center” – don’t feel like you need to run the tag through the “suggested” hole.  Move the tag closer to the center of the card (NOT in the bar code area) to make tearing less likely.
  • “Double up” – you can use two barbs instead of one for extra security to keep tags from falling off at the sale.
  • “Laminate” – use a piece of tape on your tag to make it stronger.   Add a piece of Scotch or packing tape to the tag before punching it with the tagging gun, to reinforce the card stock and make it less easy to tear.  Try not to partially cover the bar code.
  • “Short Stuff” – use 1-inch barbs instead of 2 to 4 inch barbs.  Your tags will hang closer to the item and may be less likely to detach.

Where to find a tagging gun:

Consignment Mommies suggest these models:

Best Gun for TONS of Tagging: Avery Fine Fabric Tagging Gun Can Handle the Volume & Will Last

Best Values for “EVERYDAY” Tagging: Economy Tagging Guns are Inexpensive and Very Effective

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