Huge Kids Sale – Open Everyday!

Get ready for the potential for hundreds of thousands of moms and dads to see the kids stuff you want to sell! (Your buying choices for your kids will increase exponentially, too!)

Frog in My Pocket’s E-Kids Sale goes live this Spring!

The entire nation will have access to Frog in My Pocket, with year-round access to your items through the biggest kids sale possible – e-style!

Selling is easier than ever!

No more waiting to drop off, buy tagging supplies, or scrambling to the sale site during the pick up window.

All the stuff that got lost in a stack can be viewed individually and bought with a click, from your desktop, laptop, smartphone, or mobile device.

Buying is easier than ever!

Same great pricing and fantastic buys, with more items available all the time.


No more waiting in line, juggling scheduling, or disappointment when you miss the short shopping hours.

No more duds.  Every item will be closely scrutinized for quality.  Get exactly what you need, when you need it – without having to dig through the pile. Let us know what you’re after, and we’ll even email an alert when the item is available!

Check back soon for more details about how to SELL, BUY, and get ready for the nation’s fastest growing e-Kids Sale!

Our new website is launching very soon! Stay tuned.



Sell those high quality outgrown items at the kid’s consignment sale with the best selection and most efficient checkout in the Triangle.  Sign up here!

Searching for Raleigh kids consignment sales? Frog in My Pocket is the Triangle’s fastest growing children’s and mom’s consignment sale because it has the highest quality, best selection and easiest checkout of new and gently used kid’s stuff in the Triangle. This twice-yearly Raleigh seasonal consignment sale offers baby equipment, baby/kid/teen clothing, maternity clothing, toys, books, and even a special “Mom’s Reading Corner”. Find out how to save more, and MAKE more, today!


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