Top 10 Sale Blunders

Raleigh Kids Consignment Sale Tips

These Top Ten Kids Consignment Sale Tips help you avoid the most common Consignment Sale Blunders.

1.      Mark it down.  If your item hasn’t sold in four days for the price you set it at, consider offering it at a 50% markdown on the last day of the sale.  If you don’t do this, you can try selling it again the next seasonal sale – after storing it (if you have the storage space) for another 6-12 months – when it’s further outdated, needs new batteries, and is musty and faded after the summer heat in the attic. (Get ready to wash it again.)

2.     Tag it Tight.  Follow tagging directions carefully.  If you don’t do this, your tag can become separated from your item, and few people try to buy something at consignment that doesn’t have an attached tag.   Even if they do, you may not get the credit you deserve.

3.  Price it RightFollow our guidelines, and use your instincts about what you would pay for a similar item.  If you don’t do this, nobody is going to buy it. There is a lot of competition for most consignment items, and there’s a fine line between getting what it’s worth yet offering a bargain, and asking too much and being passed by.

4.  Size it up.  Make sure your tag has the right size, and be sure to put the item on the right rack at the sale.  If you don’t do this, you might as well put dump all the clothes on a blanket and have a garage sale. One of the reasons people pay a lot more at consignment sales is because they know they can find the sizes they want easily – and everything is “ready to wear”.

5.  Bag it.  Use quality Ziplocs sealed with a single strip of quality clear packing tape for all the smaller items. (See our suggested guidelines.)  If you don’t do this, your stuff will be lost or separated, and nobody will be able to buy it.

6.  Get it done.   Tag your items as you find them. If you don’t do this, the task of doing everything at the last minute can be daunting. You’ll forget stuff, make mistakes, and lose money you could have made. If you know you’re not going to have time to tag, consider our Busy Mom Service.

7.  Make sure it’s acceptable.  Before you clean it, tag it and bring it, make sure you can sell it. Check our list of items Frog in my Pocket can accept – and what it can’t – especially when it comes to regulated items like baby equipment.  If you don’t do this, you’ll wonder why you wasted all that time and effort.

8.  Light it up.  Include batteries! If you don’t do this, nobody will buy it at Frog in my Pocket. Everything has to work – and stay working – to be at the sale.

9. Clean it up.  Wash it, freshen it, and make it appealing.  If you don’t do this, you might as well just put it in the donation pile or toss it out. Another big reason people shop at consignment sales is that they expect things to be closet-ready. They’re not going to buy something that smells like moth balls or smoke.

10.  Be a good neighbor (and get something special.)  Tell your neighbors, friends, family, church group, soccer team, co-workers, play date parents and the person on the elliptical next to you at the gym about Frog in my Pocket. Tell them what you’ll be selling, there, and let them know how easy it will be to find all your bargains. (You can get printable flyers here) If they want to have some fun and get in on the goodies, ask them for their email.  If you don’t do this, you’ll still have a lot of fun and make some money at the consignment sale. There just won’t be as many people there to buy your stuff, and take advantage of all the other great bargains.

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