Getting Started

Get Started with Raleigh Kids Consignment

Eight easy steps that will make you money. 

Step 1: Register to sell your tots, tweens and teens clothes, toys, equipment and stuff – and print your Seller Guide.

Click here to register online as a consignor with Frog in my Pocket.  Registration is now OPEN!  Register now – slots are limited.

Frog in My Pocket has MANY THOUSANDS of great kids items ready just from our Busy Mom Service, let alone from traditional drop offs coming the first week of the sale – response has been phenomenal and this sale is going to be HUGE!  Want to shop first?  Check out our volunteer options and get in first.

Step 2: Find what you want to sell and get it ready

Gather nearly new and gently used clothes, toys, equipment and stuff that your kids have outgrown, don’t use, or don’t need anymore.

Make sure everything is clean, as unwrinkled as possible and in the kind of condition that someone would want to buy. Everything has to work, so make sure electronic toys turn on with batteries inside. Put small items into Ziploc bags. Hang clothes on wire hangers.  Plan to bring at least 25 items, or at least $75 worth of stuff.

Step 3: Determine pricing

Most items will be worth 20-40% of what they originally sold for. You’ll likely get a lot more than you would at a garage sale, but not as much as you would find specialty items for on online sites like eBay. Decide how much you want to sell your things for (see our tips) and prepare your items. Or ask us about our Busy Mom Service.

Step 4: Tag Items

Everything needs a price tag, and we’ll walk you through exactly what to do to make it easy. You’ll need to get some white or colored cardstock paper to make the price tags from, and do things like connect pairs of shoes together with a sturdy zip tie.  We’ll give you more tagging instructions 

Step 5: Drop Items Off

Bring your stuff by during one of the scheduled drop off times. Our volunteers will check your items to make sure they are labeled and meet the quality standards that our buyers expect. We’ll show you where to hang clothing on racks according to size and gender and where to put the toys, equipment and other stuff you want to sell.  You’ll sign a consignor agreement and get your pre-sale pass. 

Step 6: Shop

Shop early at the Consignor Presale, and see what everybody else has brought that you might need! 

Step 8: Take home or Donate

Help Moms and Kids Like These with Raleigh Rescue Mission

Come back on your pickup date to take the items that did not sell, if you tagged with a colored tag. (You can try to sell them again at the next Frog in my Pocket seasonal consignment sale.)   If you tagged with a white tag, we’ll donate your leftovers to this sale’s partner, the Raleigh Rescue Mission, and you don’t need to stop by.

Step 8: Get paid!

Within two weeks of the end of each Frog in my Pocket consignment sale, we’ll mail the money you earned –  65% or more* of the sales price of each item you sold!

Register Now to Become a Consignor

Consignors – Log in Here to Print Tags, Etc

Need help?  No time to get ready?  Try our Busy Mom Service.

Looking for Raleigh kids consignment sales?  Frog in My Pocket is the Triangle’s fastest growing children’s and mom’s consignment sale.  This twice-yearly seasonal consignment sale offers baby equipment, baby/kid/teen clothing, maternity clothing, toys, books, and even a special “Mom’s Reading Corner”.  Find out how to save more, and MAKE more, today!
*Split is 50% if Busy Mom Service is selected.  We provide all supplies and do all preparation for you – you just provide clean items that meet our Approved Items standards!