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How to Drop Off Your Items at Raleigh’s Frog In My Pocket Kids Consignment Sale

You can choose when to drop off your tagged items.  The earliest drop-off period could give you an advantage, though, as getting in sooner will give you a better opportunity to display your items.  Check schedule here.  You won’t need an appointment – just come during the time period that works best for you.  Drop offs are ONLY allowed during official drop off times.

After you register to consign, we’ll send you easy email reminders, so you won’t forget when to bring your stuff!

NOTE – a description must be included on every tag.  Items that are tagged but do not include a written description will not be accepted.  Descriptions can be as short or as long as you desire.  Both “Gymboree shirt” and “Gymboree button down blue dress shirt – NEW” are acceptable descriptions.  The size should also be noted on the tag.

Helpful Hints for Drop-off:

  • All clothing will be signed by size, and divided by gender.
  • Shoes will hang from zip ties on wall racks or sit on tables or shelves, depending on quantities and space available.  Bring large paper clips to connect the zip tie to the rack.
  • Winter coats, hats, etc will be grouped with regular clothing by size and gender.
  • Sleep sacks will be in infant basket area near blankets and hooded towels.
  • Size 9-12 months will be with size 6-9 months.  Remember, 3 months = 0-3 months, 6 months = 3-6 months, 9 months = 6-9 months, and 12-18 months = 12 months.
  • Toys and equipment will be organized by type – signs will be attached to each area.
  • Bring a large empty box with you if you plan to pick up leftover items after the sale (remember to use colored tags, not white, for anything you want back)

Preparing for Drop Off:

  • Group all your clothing by gender and size ahead of time.  It may be helpful to place a rubber band around the hangers of each group.
  • Double check each item to make sure it has a tag.
  • Be ready to assemble any large items on site. Bring any tools needed for assembly. Unassembled items will not be accepted. No cribs will be allowed due to resale regulations.
  • Bring your email confirmation of your consignor registration – or have it on your smartphone.
  • Bring a few extra tags and supplies, just in case.

Dropping Off:

Tip:  A wagon, luggage cart, rolling suitcase, stroller, rolling rack, or dolly will be a big help in bringing your items from the car to the racks and shelves.

  • Check in at the registration table.
  • The floor will be clearly labeled so you’ll know where to put all your stuff. Place all items in the designated places on the sales floor.  Volunteers will be able to show you where to go if you need help.
  • Assemble all changing tables, portable cribs, swings, etc.  No unassembled items will be sold.
  • Drop off your empty, unlabeled box if you have items (which you marked with colored tags) that you want back.
  • Please exit once all items have been displayed.  It’s tempting to browse, but we ask that you come back once the sale opens!
  • You can sign up to be a volunteer if you want to shop at the earliest possible opportunity – at the FIRST pre-sale before Frog in my Pocket is open to the public. Check it out: Volunteer options available.  Your volunteer shifts can also earn you a HIGHER SPLIT, see details.

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