Busy Mom Service

Busy Mom Service – We Get it Ready For You

The Easiest Way to Profit from the Triangle’s Fastest Growing Kid’s Consignment Sale (and save yourself a lot of work)!

Too busy to get it all ready? Frog in my Pocket will do the work for you.

Busy Mom Service for Spring/Summer 2014 will open January 2014!

But it’s easy to sell with Frog in My Pocket.  Check out our step-by-step Printable Tagging Guide.

Our Busy Mom Service books quickly, so be sure to sign up for an email reminder for the next sale, and reserve your spot early.  Don’t miss the sale – sign up here for an email reminder!

To get best choice of all the goodies, check out our Volunteer Opportunities!  You AND a friend can shop earlier than anyone else

We will:

  • Hang, organize, price, and tag your clean, high quality items
  • Provide HANGERS (Exclusive to Frog in my Pocket)*
  • Provide all  the other supplies like pins, ties, tags, bags, packing tape, and whatever it takes to display your stuff
  • Store your prepared items until the sale starts
  • Transport your items to the sale for you on Drop Off Day
  • Carefully display your items on the appropriate racks
  • Invite buyers who count on our reputation for providing a great selection of high quality kid’s stuff at great prices and fast check-outs

So that you can:

  • Make money from stuff you would have tossed or given away
  • Earn 50% of the sales price of your items
  • Enjoy de-cluttered closets and kids rooms
  • Shop early for great bargains on stuff your kids need next, at Frog in my Pocket’s special “Sellers Sale”

How it Works:

  • Click here to sign up for your consignor number – under “Other”, type Busy Mom Service
  • Contact us to reserve a drop-off time
  • Let us know what you’re bringing, so we know how much space to allow for your stuff on our racks and shelves. A minimum drop off of 50 items (clothing, shoes, small toys, etc) is required for our Busy Mom Service. You can bring less if you also have large items such as swings, strollers and nursery furniture.
  • Drop off your high quality kid’s stuff in boxes or bins. (Containers can’t be returned.) All you have to do is make sure everything works and is clean – we’ll do the rest.
  • We’ll email confirmation of your get-in-early shopping time
  • Sign up quickly – Frog in my Pocket’s Busy Mom Service will be completely booked a few weeks before the sale


  • Get your consignor number.  Remember to type “Busy Mom Service” in the “Other” field.
  • Gather together everything you’d like to sell at the Frog in My Pocket Kids Consignment Sale – check the Items Accepted guidelines.
  • Make sure all the toys, kids equipment, and baby items are clean and working. All electronic toys and baby equipment should have batteries – these items will not sell for top dollar if shoppers can’t tell if they work.
  • Wash clothes so they look and smell fresh
  • Check clothes for stains, tears, or missing buttons
  • Fold or lay clothing flat and place into a box or container (we cannot return bins).  Wrinkled clothing will not sell well, so don’t submit it in plastic bags.
  • Frog in My Pocket will price for you, using best practice guidelines (see pricing guide here.) We want you to get the most you can, so we’ll help you price things right. If you’d like special pricing, let us know, and we’ll offer your special items to buyers at the prices you choose
  • All items will be discounted 50% off on Half Price Day – the final day of the sale.  Let us know if there are select items you do not want to discount.
  • All remaining items will be donated at the end of the sale. If you’d prefer to pick up your remaining items, let us know ahead of time, and we will tag them appropriately. You must pick everything up during pick-up time (see schedule here). We cannot return anything not picked up during scheduled times.
  • Get ready to cash your check for all the stuff you sold – we’ll send it to you two weeks after the sale ends
  • If there are select items you’d like to price (such as baby equipment or sports items), send us an email or give us details at drop off.

Frog in my Pocket’s Busy Mom Service fills up fast! 

Our well-trained staff starts preparing your items months early, and store them until the sale.

We select, price and display every item to its best advantage.

Frog in My Pocket brings in buyers with our reputation for offering high quality kid’s stuff at great prices and the most efficient check-0ut system in the business.

You get extra cash, early bargain hunting and the peace of mind that everything you want to sell is in good hands.

Reserve your space now, and we’ll pamper you with Frog in my Pocket’s Busy Mom Service.

Want to do it yourself? Find out how to consign with Frog in My Pocket here:

SHOPPERS – Sign up to get a reminder right before the sale starts!

Volunteer – and shop FIRST, two days before the public!

Want to consign and make some extra cash?  Sign up here!

*Hangers provided in every case except when given individual pricing requests for each item.  All items are priced according to our Pricing Guidelines.  We work hard to maximize both your profit AND your sell-through.  
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